Yes, we plan to be open this season for your shopping and tree needs! Please read the full update.

At this point, we are planning to continue on with our Christmas season as similar to “normal” as possible.

That being said, we will certainly be following Covid protocols as outlined by the Health Unit in our area. Some changes that we are working on include:

  • launching an online store in September where you can pick your seasonal items for pickup, local delivery or shipping
  • adding a takeout window: we may not be able to allow indoor seating in our restaurant so we will have picnic tables and other areas outdoors to sit after getting a warm bite to eat
  • we will most definitely be limiting the numbers of guests in the shop and washroom areas
  • face coverings on wagons: our guests will need to have a mask or face covering of some type while on our wagons going to the field

As we know you will appreciate, any or all of these things may change as we progress through the fall.

However, we are also planning to open for weekends during the fall this year! We are still finalizing how this will work so stay tuned to either our website or Facebook page for updates!


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