We’ve just launched an online store. Find fall and Christmas decor and gift items.

Fall Decor Items

Check out the fall-themed wreaths and wall art that we’re carrying this year in this blog post.

Christmas Decor & Gifts

For years we’ve offered a beautiful selection of Christmas wreaths made from the freshest greens, as well as swags, large outdoor planters and centrepieces. Christmas wreaths are made at our shop from the freshest greens cut daily from our farm. Most of the wreaths are made with Fraser Fir, which has an extremely long life indoors and out. Wreaths and decorations made from Balsam Fir and mixed greens are also available.

Please visit our newly launched online store to browse or shop in advance; then arrange for farm pickup or delivery.

Our store carries:

  • Fulton’s maple products
  • Food (preserves, jam and jellies, baked goods and more)
  • Hanging decorations
  • Home Decor
  • Knitwear, Clothing & Jewellery
  • Robbie Craig
  • Stuffies
  • Toboggans
  • Tree accessories
  • Wall Art
  • Wreaths & Planters

Private Shopping Visits

Request a weekday visit with your social circle to browse and shop all of our inventory.

Photo Gallery

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