We welcome farmers from the Netherlands

Tour group from the NetherlandsWe were pleased to host a tour with farmers from the Netherlands today for two reasons. First, we enjoy every opportunity to show our beautiful Christmas tree farm to visitors…a great way to promote our “Grown in The Ottawa Valley” business.

The second reason is very personal. I enjoyed using my Dutch to welcome and speak with this wonderful enthusiastic group. Yes, it was a little rusty and peppered with some Canadian words, but it was OK!

The next stop will be our neighbours at Fulton’s Pancake House and Sugar Bush for a tour and delicious lunch.

Spring planting

Planting Christmas trees at Cedar HillIt’s that time of year again…spring planting of beautiful little Christmas tree transplants!! Paul drove the tractor, Hannah and Ria were on the planter wearing rainsuits to keep dry, and Devon kept us supplied with trees. Levi and Devon had a tough job straightening the trees and tamping them firmly into the soil.

Grant and Pamela Martin will be moving to our farm in August and are very involved in decision making. Grant came for the weekend to learn the planting process and he was a huge help with all jobs. We probably ate too many goodies this weekend. Emmy’s brownies, cookies, and butter tarts were a real treat!!

Now we need a good rainfall to nourish the trees!

A Rooftop Christmas Tree

Filming of A Rooftop Christmas TreeWe are so pleased to be part of the movie ‘A Rooftop Christmas Tree’ being filmed in Almonte this month.

Today the crew filmed several scenes at our farm. Our rustic workshop with all of Paul’s tools, workbench and machine parts seemed to be perfect for the story line.

Scenes were also shot on our covered bridge and in our Christmas tree field. Paul and I wonder what the Forsythe pioneers who settled our farm in the 1820s would have thought of all this activity.